Safety Vest

Safety vest reflectors provide a high standard of safety and visibility with reflective tape and hi vis colours. The use of a safety vest is necessary for the prevention of unwanted injury because wearing one would enhance the visibility of the workers.

Obor Safety is one of the most trusted safety vest suppliers in Malaysia. Our safety vests are not only affordable, but they are also comfortable. The well-being of a worker should be the employer’s priority, to make sure all workers are at ease with garments is important. Comfort will guarantee that your employees can complete a task at their best.

We stock a wide range of high visibility safety vests. Our series of safety vests including: F series, V series, N series, Executive series, Custom Series, Promo Series, Security Series and Eco Series. Aside from the ready-made safety vests, if you are looking for custom made safety vests, we also provide custom printing and embroidery services.